A Special Anniversary Deserving of the Best Gifts UK Stores Can Offer

Your first wedding anniversary is indeed a very special occasion, deserving of the best gifts you can find. And you’ve certainly got lots to choose from whether you do your shopping online or in a High Street store. If you’re wondering why a first wedding anniversary requires a special kind of gift, then maybe you haven’t been paying attention to all that we’ve said. For those of you who’ve found yourself on this page for the very first time, we’ll happily explain in more detail.

Some consider that a first anniversary is one of the most important. For some, it’s just the start of a very long journey. However you want to look at it we’re here to provide you with some special anniversary gifts UK husbands and wives will enjoy.

It’s your first anniversary and special gifts are the order of the day

uk gifts shopsEven the most humdrum of anniversary gifts can be lifted into the realms of special if given with the right feeling and emotion. And for your first wedding anniversary special gifts are what you’re going to be giving your loving lady or your charming man. Giving gifts is all about choosing something that the receiver will like, or something that they need. You might not have known your partner for very long, but we bet that you’re already starting to get a good understanding of who they are. When it comes to special anniversary gifts, UK couples have got it sussed if they go with their gut instinct and give a gift from the heart.

And it doesn’t mean you have to buy extravagant presents, or buy as many as you can carry. Some of the sweetest and most special gifts can be handmade and small.

Handmade gifts are synonymous with special gifts

You might think you haven’t got a creative bone in your body, but we’ve all got it inside. For some it just needs a little encouragement and teasing to come out. It might have been many moons ago, possibly when you were at primary school, that you last got your fingers covered with glue and glitter. But it’s never too late to try again. Let’s start off with a first anniversary box.
Silver-dipped natural rose

How to make a first anniversary box

Special Anniversary giftsYou’re going to need a cardboard box, the prettier the better; coloured card; tissue paper, mini honeycomb balls; envelope; glue stick; a deck of cards and any other paper gifts you can find.
The first step is to cut out some fake tickets, coupons or vouchers from the coloured card. Then you can write on them some special treats you’re prepared to share with your partner. It could be a dinner date, a neck massage, a fish and chip supper down at the beach, or the promise to clean the car every week for a month. It’s completely up to you what you choose, but try and make it fun.
The tissue paper you’re going to cut up into tiny pieces so it looks like confetti and then seal it in the envelope. You might want to stick a few pieces on the lid of the box for extra decoration. The honeycomb balls will form the main part of the decoration, and you can add a special touch by cutting out some number 1’s and sticking them on top of the balls. Add a little bit of shredded paper, and pop your gifts inside.
There you have it – a special anniversary gift for your spouse. What makes it special? It was made by you.

There are of course lots of other interesting DIY gifts you can make for your loved. Pinterest is full of them. To save you a bit of time, let’s look at some of our favourites.

For a first anniversary your special gifts should come from the heart

  • The music from your wedding – Display the sheet music for the music from your wedding in beautiful frames on the wall.
  • Special Anniversary gift52 reasons why you love your partner – Write 52 reasons why you love you partner on some brightly coloured card, and place them inside a mason jar. If you can’t think of 52 reasons, you might want to reduce it to 12.
  • An origami figurine – Don’t panic if you know very little about origami. There are a wealth of sites online with pictures and instructions for making some very weird and unusual shapes.
  • A papier mache gift – You could make a pot, vase, dish or tray from bits of paper and magazines hanging around your home.
  • A first anniversary card – Don’t pick your card up from the store, or one of the many online card delivery services. How impersonal is that? Instead put your crafting hat on and go to town.
  • A scrapbook or photo memory book – Fill a book with trinkets, souvenirs, photos and anything else that will remind of the good times you’ve shared.

Well that’s all for now, it just leaves us to say Happy First Anniversary. Tune in again for more first anniversary ideas.